June 2007

Start of recruitment throughout the country. About 7,000 children seen. 30 children are selected to participate in the final stage from 15 to 20 July in the presence of JMG. At the end of this internship 18 children are retained.

13 august 2007

Beginning of training at the HAGL Sports Center. At the same time, in the same place, the Academy is being built.

5 October 2007

Entry of children into the infrastructure dedicated to the Academy. They are beautiful, in a quiet and green.

10 October 2007

Official opening ceremony of the Academy HAGL – ARSENAL – JMGF.

16 March 2008

First match of the first promotion against the school team where the kids are going. Victory 14 – 2 of the Academy.

June 2008

15 days internship at the JMG Thailand Academy. This is the first meeting with other academicians. The children had an extraordinary human adventure, proof was the tears of everyone at the start. 16 out of 18 children took their first flight on this occasion.

October 2008

Reception of the JMG Thailand Academy for 15 days. The children met with great pleasure. They could compare their sports progress.

June 2009

In view of the integration of a Promotion 2 and with the intention of completing the Promotion 1, a 6 weeks tour throughout the country is organized and allows to observe around 10,000 children.

July 2009

Final stage from July 11 to 15 with Vincent Dufour. 21 children are present, 16 for Promotion 2 and 4 for Promotion 1. 2 players are selected for Promo 1 and 7 for Promo 2. Promo 1 is now composed of 13 players. Promo 2 is composed of 12 players, the 5 youngest present for two years are joined by 7 recruits selected during this course.

May 2010

Phuong and Anhino participate in the JMG Mali Academy, which includes two of the best players from each Academy. They are accompanied by Bao, the translator and school head of our academy.

June 2010

Reception of the Academies JMG Egypt and JMG Thailand for a one-month internship. This internship took place in a super spirit. Sportingly Egypt has won all these matches. This allowed the children to gain experience in the face of adversity that is not found in Vietnam.

May 2011

Anhino and Phuong are selected to be part of the JMG Academy team, to complete a 10-day internship at the ASPIRE Academy in Qatar.

July 2011

15 days internship of the promotion 1 at JMG Thailand Academy. These are reunions, 2 years after their first meetings. The children became little men.

November 2011

First stage of the promotion 1 at the JMG Academy of Egypt, We join the JMG Academy of Thailand. Academicians and coaches are happy to meet again 1 year and a half after our first meeting. Tournaments are organized, which often turn to the advantage of the Egyptians, but which will do a lot of good for the children for the continuity of their formation

9 March 2012

Anhino and Phuong are the first children to become Academicians by validating Degree 3 of juggling. They can now train with their beautiful shoes.

27 March 2012

Promotion 1 is playing its first game against the U19 team of Da Nang, the reigning champion of Vietnam. Victory 5 to 2 of the Academy.
The anticipation of wearing shoes is due to our participation in the Vietnam U19 Championship, starting in January 2013.

12 April 2012

SON validates Degree 3 of juggling. The happiness that illuminates his face is very communicative.

11 May 2012

Truong is the fourth to validate Degree 3 of juggling. The efforts provided are finally rewarded, his eyes shine with pleasure.

July 2012

It is with great pleasure that we received the JMG Belgium Academy. The children were able to share the same sports philosophy and discover different cultures. These inter-academies meetings are always very rewarding from every point of view for everyone.

September 2012

First match against 11 for the Academy HAGL – ARSENAL – JMG Vietnam.
Victory 11 – 0 against a U 23 team from Laos. The score reflects the overwhelming desire of academics to play an adult match despite the low level of the opponent.

October 2012

Van Vu is the fifth Vietnamese academician to succeed in the 3 Degrees.
Congratulations, he will be able to enjoy his shoes full time.

First tour in Europe for 18 Vietnamese academicians, accompanied by Guillaume and Ninh coaches. We spent a week in Paris, a week at the JMG Belgium Academy and a week in London at Arsenal.

5 games were played:
– Paris: 2 – 0 win over Wissous and 0 – 0 against U19 Paris FC
– Belgium: Defeats 3 – 4 and 2 – 4 against JMG Belgium
– London: Win 1 – 0 against U17 Arsenal.

We were able to watch the matches:
– France – Japan (Friendly, Stade de France)
– Paris SG – Reims (Ligue 1, Parc des Princes)
– Arsenal – Schalke 04 (Champions League, Emirates Satdium)

The children brought back lots of memories and were able to get some sport experience. Congratulations to all for their great behavior on and off the field during these 3 weeks.

November 2012

Vu Van Thanh is the sixth Vietnamese academician to validate degree 3. The work still pays, congratulations.
It was during a beautiful sunny morning on November 23rd that 4 children became academicians by validating Degree 3. They are: NGUYEN Lam, NGUYEN Quang Huy, THE Quoc Nhat, THE Quang Chien. After 5 years of work, 10 academicians have validated Degrees. Congratulations to everyone.

28 December 2012

NGUYEN Tien Hoai is the eleventh Vietnamese to validate the degrees of juggling. Congratulations on his investment.

11 January 2013

HOANG Thanh Tung est le douzième Vietnamien à valider les degrés de jonglerie. Tung aura mis 3 ans et demi, il n’y a pas de secret le talent plus le travail apporte souvent la réussite.

March 2013

First competition for the JMG Vietnam Academy, we participated in the SANIX CUP in Japan. The Academy represented Vietnam’s U18 national team. We finished 6th out of 16 teams. The winner of this edition is Gamba Osaka.
Initial contract is extended until June 30, 2021.
Establishment of Promotion recruitment 3.

April 2013

19: NGUYEN Van Dai and NGUYEN Van Toan became the thirteenth and fourteenth Vietnamese to validate the degrees of juggling.
23: NGUYEN Van Quy became the fifteenth Vietnamese to validate the degrees of juggling.
It was the week of the name NGUYEN (not difficult in Vietnam) but also the pre-name Van, a good star reigned for them that week.
Congratulations to them.

May 2013

The 3rd: A wave of success to the Degrees arrived on this day since 3 Vietnamese have become Academicians in their turn. These are PHAM Thanh Nam, LE Luong Duke, LUONG Hoang Nam.
10: NGUYEN Anh Tai validated the degrees of juggling.
The Academy JMG Vietnam counts 19 Academicians having validated the Degrees.
Congratulations to all.
23: DINH Thanh Binh validated the Degrees. He holds the records of the JMG Vietnam Academy, 195 days for Degree 2 and 188 days for Degree 3. He is also the youngest since he is only 15 years and 2 months old. Congratulations on his performance.

June 2013

First matches of the academy against a national selection.
Promotion 1 met the U19 of Cambodia, 1-0 victory.
Promotion 2 met the U17 of Cambodia, 4-0 win.
This trip to Cambodia is a good experience for everyone.
6: TRAN Dong Trieu validates degree 3.
Gaignon Adrien’s Promotion 3 begins to be recruited across 26 provinces.

August 2013

Final Stage of Promotion 3; 9 players enter the academy.
We take the technical direction of the U19 national team of Vietnam. 9 academicians compose the typical team. 13 out of 20 make up the rest of the group.
Reception of the JMG Team (Academies Belgium, Ghana, Egypt). Tournament and friendly matches on the program. Great experience, showing that 4 academies from 4 different countries with the same philosophy manage to develop the same style of football.

September 2013

Participation in the ASEAN Championship AFF U19, competition gathering 15 countries of South East Asia, Australia having declared forfeit. This championship takes place in Surabaya, Indonesia. Vietnam finished first in their group (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Brunei) with 5 wins. Semi-final won against Laos, unfortunately final lost against Indonesia to the penaltys.
First official competition for academicians, a lot of experience gathered.

October 2013

Qualification pour l’ASIA Championship AFC U19 de 2014 au Myanmar.

February 2014

A new 2-year consulting is a sign between HAGL and JMG to have a second coach at the Academy HAGL – ARSENAL – JMG VIETNAM in order to put Guillaume Graechen at the disposal of the national U19 selection of Vietnam. It is Cyriaque Otta who is hired for this new position to ensure the quality of the work on Promotion 3.
5 new players make their entrance to the academy:
– NGUYEN Duy Liem: 12/01/2000
– HOANG Vinh Nguyen: 3/02/2002
– Hoang Tu CAD: 6/09/2001
– PHAN Lac Nam: 14/04/2001
– TRAN Gia Huy: 3/11/2003

March 2014

The selection U19 Vietnam (16 academicians on 22 players) is doing an internship in England.
On the program, five friendlies against Arsenal, Wimbledon, Coventry, Tottenham and Birmingham. Appraisal: 1 Victory; 2 Draws; 2 Defeats

April 2014

The U19 Vietnam selection (16 academicians out of 22 players) is doing an internship at JMG Belgium Academy after his internship in England.
On the program, 7 friendlies against JMG WD Team (Belgium and Egypt), JMG WD Team (Belgium and Ghana), Montverde Academy, RC Lens, LOSC Lille, Turnhout.
Balance: 1 victory, 1 draw, 5 defeats.
Despite a very average overall result in terms of results, players have encountered different styles of football. They were able to gain experience for future deadlines.

June 2014

The U19 Vietnam selection (13 academics out of 26 players) is doing an internship in Japan.
New players are selected in order to improve the team on certain positions.
On the program, 6 friendly matches against Japan University, Cerezo Osaka, Hannan University, Kansai University, Gamba Osaka, Osaka Sangyo University.
Appraisal: 2 Wins, 2 Draws, 2 Defaults.
Very good level of play of our opponents, typical team of Vietnam draws itself.

August 2014

The U19 Vietnam selection (11 academicians out of 18 players) participates in the international Hassanal Bolkiah tournament in Brunei.
The team is second defeat in the final by Myanmar. Phuong is voted best player and the team received the Fair Play Award.
Balance sheet: 4 wins; 1 Nil; 2 Defeats
6 new players integrate Promotion 4 of the academy:
– HO Van Dung
– Huu Phuoc
– PHAN Thanh Long
– NGUYEN Thanh Khoi
– Van Truong
– NGUYEN Quoc Cuong

September 2014

The U19 Vietnam selection (11 academicians out of 20 players) participates in the Asian international tournament organized in Hanoi. 2 Groups of 3 teams: Vietnam – Japan – Australia / Thailand – Myanmar – Indonesia
Defeat in the final against Japan.

October 2014

The U19 Vietnam selection (13 academicians out of 26 players)
AFC Championship U19
Summary of the adventure 2013 – 2014 U 19 Vietnam

U21 International Can Tho Tournament. The HAGL-ARSENAL-JMG Vietnam Academy is competing in this tournament.
2 groups of 3 teams: U21 Sydney – U21 Malaysia – Promotion 1 and 2 JMG Vietnam / U21 Thailand – U21 Singapore – U21 Vietnam
First competition and first trophy for the academy, winner of Thailand in the final.

November 2014

15 academicians sign their first professional contract with partner club HAGL
– Van Son, VU Van Thanh, TRAN Huu Dong Trieu, KSOR Uc, NGUYEN Van Quy, DU Luong, NGUYEN Hong Phong Duy, NGUYEN Huu Anh Tai
Environments :
LUONG Xuan Truong, NGUYEN Tuan Anh, NGUYEN Cong Phuong, PHAN Thanh Hau, LUONG Hoang Nam, HOANG Thanh Tung

December 2014

2 new players integrate Promotion 4 of the academy
– DANG Van Dan
– NGUYEN Tung Anh

January 2015

Un nouveau contrat est signé entre JMG / HAGL / NUTIFOOD pour une académie à Ho Chi Minh.
Premier match des académiciens en V League et première victoire 4 – 2 contre Khanh Hoa.
3 nouveaux joueurs intègrent l’académie :
Promotion 3
– VO Dinh Lam
– NGUYEN Van Phi
Promotion 4
– TRAN Dinh Hung

June 2015

– Reception of the JMG Egypt Academy. Very good experience for the new Promotions of the 2 academies.
– Launch of recruitment for the new NUTIFOOD-HAGL-JMG Academy based in Ho Chi Minh. Franck Durix is in charge of this recruitment and the academy.

August 2015

Following the final stage, Promotion 1 is composed of 10 players (2003-2004) for the NUTIFOOD-HAGL-JMG academy.

October 2015

– NGUYEN Cong Phuong had his first 2 selections in Team A Vietnam against Iraq and Thailand for the qualification of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.