August 2007

It is the inauguration of temporary infrastructures which once completed will welcome the first 6 players selected in October 2007.

October 2007

Real start of the training of this small group. Mustapha KHAROUBI, the Technical Director, who participated in all recruitment courses with Vincent DUFOUR or JM GUILLOU is at work.

November 2007

A new player joins the group of 6. Seven is not yet a large squad. But recruitment is difficult in Egypt. And this allows the “Coach” to be probably even more effective and rigorous with regard to these foals. A participation in the “Danone Cup” allows academicians to make the difference without forcing too much under the eyes of an admiring Z.ZIDANE.

March - April 2009

After multiple searches of talent. Finally, three new players come to swell the ranks. At ten the group will be able to make small matches against opponents coming from outside who all leave the suitcases full.

June - July 2009

Tour in Thailand and interesting confrontations against the promo 2 of Thailand.

June - July 2010

The first tour in Thailand made us want to start again. This time it is Vietnam that welcomes us at the same time as Thailand. There too, and maybe even more than the year before, the matches are great. Despite the determination of each during these meetings, the atmosphere remains good child. And the separation arrives … full of nostalgia.

August 2010

The promotion has just lost an item after our tour in Vietnam.

October 2010

We organize a final stage to start the core of the promo 2. At the end, 6 players of the promo 2 are retained. Decidedly, recruitment is difficult in Egypt, but for lack of quantity, the quality and there. The road is still long, of course, but the story is running …

October 2010 - December 2010

11 players form the second Egyptian promotion: Gamal Shehab, Awad Mohamed, Fathy Hemdane, Mohamed Ahmed, Salaheddine Abderahman, Ayesch Ibrahim, Elsaeed Moheb, Abdelrasoul Taha, Walid Bessam, Mohamed Hassan, Tallat Fady.

May 2011

Moving the first Egyptian promotion to Qatar to face Aspire.

July 2011

Reception during 3 weeks of the 2 promotions of the Belgian Academy

October 2011

Departure of Academician Awad Mohamed, player of the second class

November 2011

Reception during 1 month of the Thai and Vietnamese academies, visit of Jean-Marc Guillou, Vincent Dufour and Stéphanie Guillou.

June 2012

One month tour of the two Egyptian promotions at his Belgian counterpart.

September 2012

Recruitment of the promotion 3

March April 2014

Promotion 1 leaves the academy to join the Lierse SK club.
Entry of the promotion 4.

June 2015

Shot at JMG Pleiku Academy with promotions 2, 3 and 4.

December 2015

End of the Egyptian adventure. Closing of the JMG Academy.