When did this story really begin?


Probably as soon as Jean-Marc GUILLOU (JMG) kicked a ball and noticed how much more interesting this exercice was than all the work proposed by the school teacher. Moreover, JMG will never fully adhere to school subjects during his childhood. However, when it comes to calculation, he will very quickly know hoot count the number of jugglings that set new records each day; and, in lieu of French, he will recite long essays in the form of comments of organized matches between buddies.

This football was to become his school, but also, very quickly, a passion clinging to his life. And, despite a busy career, that passion has never wavered. Neither the nights of dark defeats, nor the periods of forced due to injuries, nor even the age setting the validity limit of the entry ticket on the ground, were right.

In fact, it has been perpetuated thanks to a permanent homecoming towards street football, school grounds, vacant lots or the beach. Spaces that have always symbolized both the game he believes in, a game where the notions of pleasure of freedom and childhood are never far away.

The ACADÉMIE “JMG” is a story of school, play, fun, freedom and children big or small …

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