Presentation of the Contract Negociation – ZAP

  • the « ZAP » is an intangible good that arises when a player signs his first training contract or professional player.
  • This right belongs initially to the club or the training structure which is the signatory of the first contract of the player.
  • The « ZAP » gives the owner the ability to authorize the departure of a player on the contract to another club and collect compensation.
  • The « ZAP » does not disappear with the arrival at the end of the contract of the player in a club.
  • However, it does not hinder a departure to another club. On the other hand, it deprives the new club which has not acquired the “ZAP” of the faculty to refuse a departure of this player during the contract.
  • The owner of the “ZAP” may assign this “ZAP” without the consent of the player to whom it is attached. Indeed, the “ZAP”, representing the estimated value of the player by a club wishing to acquire it, is disconnected from the player’s employment contract.

Fair process for the management of transfers and transfers of athletes

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