December 2004

The decision, the agreement is made between the company “Global Football Marketing Co.Ltd” and JMG Academy. The Academy “JMG” Thailand will be under the technical authority of the company JMG Academy custodian of knowledge in the training and management of this project. The project will be funded by Global Football Marketing Co.Ltd.

January 2005

Beginning of infrastructure works located 30 minutes from Chonburi.

April 2005

Detection, screening and selection of the first Malagasy academicians by JM GUILLOU and Christophe LARROUILH (technical director of Thailand from 2005 to 2007). Assessment in the largest cities of different provinces of Thailand
• Preselections of 40 young people,
• Final selection of 16 players to be part of the first class.

May 2005

Effective start of classes (sports training and school education).

June 2007

Entry of the second promotion.

June 2008

Reception of the Academy “JMG Vietnam” from 8 to 21 June.

July - August 2008

Academy “JMG Thailand” makes its first tour abroad and travels to Europe. The Academicians of the 1st Promotion stay from July 28 to August 4 near their training place, the prestigious arsenal sports complex. A thrilling stay for players who discover London, visit the Emirates Stadium during its annual tournament, face the teams of -15 and -16 years of Arsenal and meet their idols at the option of the chance or the availability of these. The tour continues until 16 August in the facilities of the club Lierse in Belgium where training, sightseeing remain on the program without forgetting of course the friendly matches scheduled against Anderlecht and against the -16 and -17 years of Lierse.

October 2008

It’s the turn of Promotion 2 to make its first tour and visit the Vietnam Academy from October 12 to 22.

June - July 2009

Reception of the Academy “JMG Egypt” from June 21st to July 12th.

November 2009

Arsenal invites 2 Academicians of the 1st Promotion, KOT and MESSI, to perform a test of a dozen days.

March 2010

Muang Thong United becomes the Partner Club of the local Academy.

May 2010

The Academicians of the 1st Promotion leave the Academy. The majority join Muang Thong United, the others complete the club of Thai-League, 1st division Thai or African.

June - July 2010

Tour in Vietnam from June 24 to July 17 for promotion 2.

September 2010

On Friday, September 10th, DON makes his first steps in the Thai League. He becomes at 17 years and a half the first Academician of Thailand to evolve at the highest national level.

October 2010

Muang-Thong United wins the Premier League Championship and DON’s first national title. DON holder in the last match and Koh entered during the game won their first national title.

23 February 2011

DON, aged 18 on March 23rd, is summoned to the National team of – 23 years old to take part in the qualifying matches of the 2012 Olympic Games. He formalizes his first national selection with a 1-0 victory against Palestine. It does not start, however, not the meeting but comes into play in the additional time in the 91st at the left-back position.

May 2011

JMG Académie est invité du 19 au 28 mai à Doha au Qatar par l’Académie ASPIRE afin d’effectuer différents matchs d’exhibition. 2 joueurs de l’Académie de Thaïlande sont conviés à participer à ce déplacement.
Après la fracture du tibia de TEK, c’est DOUSSÉ et DOUMBIA qui sont du voyage.

18 december 2011

KOH made his first match in the Thai League under the colors Muang Thong.and actively participated in the victory of his club by opening the score in the 7th minute on a superb volley volley of 20 meters.

26 November to the 1st december 2011

Reception of the Academy “JMG Vietnam” after the shortened stay in Egypt because of the sulfur events held in Cairo during the whole month of November.

November 2011

Tour in Egypt from 1 to 25 November in the Academy “JMG Egypt” which welcomes us and the Academy “JMG Vietnam” in its new facilities in El Sokhna on the shores of the Red Sea.

28 September 2011

TAE becomes the first Academician from Thailand to access the 3rd degree of juggling.

18 December 2011

KOH made his first match in the Thai League under the colors Muang Thong.and actively participated in the victory of his club by opening the score in the 7th minute on a superb volley volley of 20 meters.

26 january 2012

KEN attains the 3rd degree of juggling.

17 february 2012

DOUMBIA accesses the 3rd degree of juggling.

29 february 2012

The first training with shoes.

26 March 2012

The project is coming to an end and the farewells are shameless and carefree. In their own way, everyone enjoys the last moments of intimacy with their heads full of shared memories and moments of life.
DIABY, DOUMBIA and DOUSSÉ return to their homeland for a family holiday before heading to Bamako where they will try to continue their training by making themselves a place in the sun at the Academy “JMG Mali”.
TIRN, POM, TAE, TEK, TAR and KEN will join Muang Thong United’s partner club next month under the watchful eye of their senior Academics of the first class.

31 march 2012

After more than 7 years of existence, the Academy “JMG Thailand” of Chonburi definitively closes its doors.