October 2007

Under the leadership of Lambert AMUAH, Vincent DUFOUR assisted by Christophe KOUAKOU, Recruitment begins in Accra, capital of Ghana and continues in Kumasi.

November 2007

With the reinforcement of Eric Decroix, future Technical Director of the Thai Academy, and while Lambert AMUAH is heading to Nigeria, recruitment continues in Tamalé in the north of the country.

The end of november 2007

The 1st final stage takes place in Kumasi under the responsibility of Jean-Marc Guillou. 5 players are selected from 23 present.

Janauary 2008

The 5 selected players begin training in Bamako. Indeed, the infrastructure is not yet ready in Ghana, it is decided not to waste time to start work and this decision is made possible by the capacity of the Academy Malian.

April 2008

After several detection trips to Nigeria by Lambert AMUAH and Charlton, a final workshop is organized in Lagos in the presence of Jean-Marc GUILLOU. So four small Nigerians join their future Ghanaian friends in Bamako. Surrounded by Francophones, these English-speaking children quickly learned to speak and understand French. In four months, they could express themselves properly.

April 2008

First official match of this Academy. Victory 21 – 11 against AS TOULE.

July 2008

Luc Guillou joins Bamako to take up his duties as Technical Director of the Ghana JMG Academy. For over a year, the children work at the JMG Academy in Bamako, waiting for the completion of their Academy’s work in Ghana.

August and september 2009

The whole of this “Ghanaian” Academy leaves for a stay of about two months at the JMG Academy in Cairo, Egypt. This stay ends on October 2nd, day of departure on vacation of children for 1 month in their family.

November 2009

Even if there is still work to finish and including one of the two playing surfaces to finish, the big day is here: children and coaching integrate their Academy. They are finally at home.

January 2010

Christophe Kouakou joins the Academy to take up his duties as assistant coach. Then begins a new phase of detection to find players likely to complete the first core.

April 2010

A final stage with 14 children is organized. 4 join the Academy and thus bring the number of players of this first promotion definitely to 13.

June 2010

Two of the best players join Bamako with Christophe Kouakou to participate in an internship with other academicians from all the JMG Academies around the world.

January 2011

At the JMG Academy in Ghana, children continue to progress in the technical work drills and in the game play on Saturday.
Regarding the technical work 5 of them have reached the third and final degree before the wearing of shoes, and the last 4 arrived in the year 2010, have caught up fairly quickly the level of the old.
In the game the integration of the new players went perfectly and the matches were a series of victories with the way, against more and more strong teams, physically especially.

April 2011

The children joined the JMG Academy of Mali, due to a field problem.
The construction of a new field started in 2010 was not a success and the decision was made in April 2011 to send the children to Bamako, pending the total and successful completion of this new playground, under the responsibility of Manager of Ghana.

The Ghanaians have thus found the place of their debut as well as their Malian comrades, and have thus been able to show their progress by participating in a tournament of very beautiful way, from their arrival.

April 2011 - June 2012

Without children since April 27, 2011, the work for the finishing of the new ground was made and closely followed by Luc Guillou.
In addition to following this achievement, it was started pre-recruitment work for the second promotion. Since November 2011, many children have been seen in different parts of Ghana, which number ten.
The level requested is even more demanding the final selection of this promotion is postponed until the end of September 2012. At present about fifteen players have been selected for the final stage. During July and September 2012, we will still prospect to complete this selection.

The new land is now passable, children, still in Mali today, will go on holiday at their home in Kumasi for the month of August 2012, and will resume work in September in their Academy that is to say, to Accra in Ghana.

July 2012

The Ghanaian academicians leave Bamako and go on holiday in Ghana.

September 2012

The finished field is in a state good enough to do quality work. It allows academics to resume training in their own premises in Accra.

January 2013

8 new players enter the Academy and make up the second class, bringing to 21 the number of players in training.

October 2012

Arrival in Accra of coach Babytho, from the academy of Madagascar or before being the “master” he was a “student”. He will be in charge of the future second promotion, which will be recruited at the end of the year 2012. Recruitments will take place until mid-December.

January 2013

8 new players enter the Academy and make up the second class, bringing to 21 the number of players in training.

March 2013

4 new players are recruited to complete the promotion 2, which is now composed of 12 players.

May 2013

A twenty-day tour is organized in Belgium at the JMG-WD Tongerlo Academy.

June 2013

2 new players are recruited to reinforce each promotion, promotion 1 is composed of 14 players and promotion 2 of 13 players.

July 2013

The Academy of Ghana is bereaved, its General Manager Luc Guillou dies.

September 2013

Following the tragedy of July, Adrien Gaignon takes over at the Academy of Ghana, he becomes the new General Manager.

August - September 2013

9 players of promotion 1 accompanied by the coach Christophe leave in Vietnam to join and be at disposal of the Academy Team, directed by Olivier Guillou, in training at the JMG Academy of Pleiku.

September - Décember 2013

The Team Academy tour, which brings together players from Ghana, Egypt and Belgium, continues. In Belgium, our 9 academicians will return to the country on December 13, 2013.

February 2014

Olivier Guillou, the coach of the Academy Team comes to Ghana to supervise players and choose those who will leave soon in Belgium to be part of his team.

March 2014

Added 2 new players to complete the second promotion.

March - June 2014

The 10 academicians selected with the Academy Team return to Belgium for a new stay of 3 months.

July - August 2014

9 academicians who have won a professional contract with the KSK Lierse team, leave this time definitively in Belgium to begin their career in Europe.
1 academician is sent to Bamako to begin a training of assistant coach.
4 other academicians who have completed their training are released and leave the Academy.

September 2014

After a recruitment campaign of one year and almost 10,000 players observed, the new promotion 3 is entering the Academy, it consists of 8 players.
2 players are also added to the second promotion.

November 2014

Promotion 2 and Promotion 3 accompanied by the technical staff leave for 1 month internship at the Academy JMG Bamako to confront their Malian brothers.

March 2015

2 additional players are admitted to the Academy to reinforce the promotion 3, this one is now composed of 10 players

September 2015

5 additional players complete the 3rd promotion. Which currently brings the number of players to 31 players in training:
– 16 for Promotion 2
– 15 for Promotion 3

April 2015

It is the turn of the Ghana Academy to receive their counterparts from Mali for a one-month internship.

January 2016

Integration of 3 additional players (Anthony, David and Ronald) into the 3 promotion, which increases to 18 players.

June 2016

End of the collaboration with WADI DEGLA.
Promotion 3 is sent definitively to the JMG Academy of Mali to continue its training. The 16 players from class 2 are sent to Côte d’Ivoire to compose the first promotion of a brand new Academy in Côte d’Ivoire.