April 2007

A first appointment is fixed between Mr ZETCHI, President of the Club and Vincent DUFOUR our General Manager. Our interlocutor presents his very young Club and what he has already achieved in terms of training, stating that he wants to go further. It is this desire that has led him to JMG Football, a company he knows by his reputation and by the fact that Mr ZETCHI realized his studies in Switzerland where he saw play JM GUILLOU.

June 2007

The parties have agreed and sign the contract that unites them. After a press conference dedicated to explain the project, a working meeting acts the beginning of recruitment the following month.

July & August 2007

Recruitment throughout the country is led by Olivier GUILLOU, the new Director of this newly arrived MADAGASCAR structure. The sports manager of JMG Football will see about 20,000 children! After a final stage organized at the end of August, 8 players are recruited to form the 1st nucleus.

September 2007

Beginning of the adventure!

September 2008

After the integration of two new players in January 2008 and one in May 2008, the first promotion is completed and now consists of 15 players.

January 2009

Match against JSK U16 in front of more than 9000 spectators, more than for the professional team of Paradou which evolves in second division Algerian.

September 2009

Selection of the first core (10 players) of the 2nd class.

June 2010

Two of the Academy’s top players, along with Mohamed, one of the assistants, complete a 15-day training camp at BAMAKO in MALI to train with other players from all JMG Academies.

July 2010

The 2nd promotion is completed by 6 new players bringing its number to 16 children.

September 2010

By the time of this 4th return, 50,000 children throughout Algeria will have been supervised. An event marks this autumn: after three years of work at the Hydra stadium, the Academy begins its year on its own turf field in Tessala El Medja. It also has a covered room with a synthetic surface for cold winter mornings. It is expected that the final installation on the site will be effective in September 2011.

May 2011

Organization of a tour in Spain from May 9, 2011 to May 15, 2011. Two matches are organized, one against Barcelona U18 and one against the Villarreal U20. In the first match, the academicians dominated in the game, but fail to materialize, the match ends in a draw, 0-0. Keeping abreast of their performances, the management of Villarreal decided to bet on the size and weight of their players. Academicians see giants coming on the ground. The score will be in favor of the Castilians 3-2. The defeat was hard to accept for our academicians as victory was within their reach.

September 2011

Beginning of the training of the third class.

July 2011

Final internship for the recruitment of the third promotion. 10 selected players: Abdelkrim, Alali, Aymen, Boussif, Sidali, Imad, Isaac, Pouki, Rheda, Sidali (3 of 1998, 5 of 2000, and 2 of 2001).

February 2012

Recruitment of Kamel, new assistant.

March 2012

5 preselected players for the U20: Chaiba, El Moden, Rami, Ibou, Anis. Three are retained: Rami, Ibou, Anis. They participate in the UNAF tournament.
First international match for Ibou and Anis, Rami will remain on the bench.

April 2012

Visit of Erico former boarder of the Academy of Adidjan, in training for the post of assistant in Agadir.

May 2012

Two players selected Anis and Rami for the tournament of the Arab countries to be held in July in Jordan.

June 2012

Entered academicians in the buildings of the Academy.
Departure of Olivier Guillou and 3 academicians (Abdallah, Ibou and Anis) for Paris FC.
Oliver Rousset arrives to replace Olivier Guillou.

October 2012

The promotion 1 (completed by some players of the promotions 2) participates in their first competition (the team alternates,1 match out of 2 with the U20 of the PAC).

2013-2014 season

– 8 academicians join the group of the first team of the PAC
– The academy participates in the national championship U17 and U19, the 2 teams finish at the top of their championship but unfortunately the national play-off are canceled.

11 November 2015

The academy of Algiers again in mourning with the death of Olivier Guillou following a cardiac arrest.

2014-2015 season

– Departure of Ramy for Lierse (first player of the academy of Algiers who signs in 1st division in Europe).
– Raouf Benguit, Ramy Bensebaini and Tayeb Meziani are selected in the national team to prepare the CAN and the Olympic qualifiers.
– 12 academicians participate in the rise of the PAC in the second Algerian division.
– The U20 make the double cup and championship of Algeria.

June 2015

Oliver Guillou returns with Erico Ka as Manager of the Algerian Academy after his trip to France and Belgium.
Departure of Olivier Rousset to replace Younes Zerouk in Belgium as Manager of the Academy of Lierse.

November 2015

Death of Olivier GUILLOU from a heart attack. However, after the stress experienced in Belgium almost managed to save the Liers club from relegation, he admitted to having great times with his kids since his return to Algeria.
His deputy Erico KANDA will continue for some time, but the work was no longer the same. In the end, the collaboration with the Paradou will end and give an agreement between the partners that is still being implemented.

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